In The Mixed Bag – C-Line P3

Average Disc Golf started a new blog series all about what is in our bag. Now, we are not brand loyal and we carry a very mixed bag. We don’t have every brand, but we have quite a few. If you’re a seasoned player this may not help you any, but if you are a bit new to the sport, we thought these blogs would give you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

This write up will cover the C-Line P3 from Discmania.

I’ve had a Discmania C-Line P3 in my bag for a long time now. It is one of my most reliable discs. It is a disc that I may reach for the most besides my putter which I have to use on every hole. My exact P3 is clear with a fading Supreme Flight stamp on it. For a while I was throwing a Premium Jokeri from Prodiscus. I have always liked having a stable, premium plastic putter in my bag. I decided to give the P3 a try and I have had it ever since. It has been in my bag for over a year. Here’s why.

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I trust this disc. This disc is stable and it is just now starting to season to where I may consider adding a new one or trying a new mold completely. I have nice Discraft Zone sitting on the shelf. Anyhow, the stability of the P3 allows me to really trust it. In a head wind, in a tail wind, whenever. The depth of the disc isn’t overwhelming. It feels like a hybrid of a mid range and a putter. I can put a lot of power into this disc and know, with certainty, it wont turn over. It is my absolute “go-to” approach disc. I approach with this disc more than any other. For reference, I have a P2, an Evo Wizard, a Metal Flake Gator and others. Those disc cycle through my bag, the P3 doesn’t.

For me, the P3 has the right amount of skip. It doesn’t skip too much and it doesn’t just die out once it hits. I know exactly what the P3 will do once it’s out of my hands. In tight situations I can use it for anyhzer flex shots and know it’s coming back. Off the tee I’ll occasionally use it for slower, controlled hyzer shots. Throwing it somewhat flat and letting it’s own stability do the work.

Now that this disc is seasoned, it has lost some of it’s stability and I am hesitant to put it on the shelf and try a new mold. But, you never know which disc you’ll like until you’ve given it a fair run in your bag. If you’re looking for stable putt and approach, give the P3 a try. I prefer the C-Line plastic myself.


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