In The Mixed Bag – Lucid Trespass

Average Disc Golf started a new blog series all about what is in our bag. Now, we are not brand loyal and we carry a very mixed bag. We don’t have every brand, but we have quite a few. If you’re a seasoned player this may not help you any, but if you are a bit new to the sport, we thought these blogs would give you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

This write up will cover the Lucid Trespass from Dynamic Discs. A stable, 12 speed distance driver.

This specific Lucid Trespass was a trade in back when I accepted trade-ins for the online store. It sat in my practice basket for several months before I decided to pop it in the bag and try it out. A few months back I lost my coveted Echo Star Boss and thought I should give this seasoned Trespass a chance at making my bag. Lets take a quick look at the comparable flight numbers.

Disc Speed Glide Turn Fade
Trespass 12 5 0.5 3
Boss 13 5 -1 3

The numbers are obviously very similar with the Boss being a hair faster and having just a hair more turn. So the Trespass went in and immediately I liked it. This Trespass when released flat will slowly turn and then fade reliably at the end giving me drives between 350 and 400 feet consistently. I hate to use the word “perfect” but it was a perfect replacement for my Echo Star Boss. Both were well seasoned and used before I got them. I like how reliable the Trespass is and even in windy conditions it still fights to finish left (RHBH) for me. This Trespass has become heavily used in many situations and I feel as though it has the potential to replace my go to driver, the Champion Tern. For now the Trespass has earned a spot in my bag and eased my loss of the Echo Star Boss. As I continue to throw this disc, I may need to add a new one to keep a solid backup in the bag at all times.

If you have yet to throw a Trespass, you may want to give it go. It could be the distance driver your game needs.

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