Shipping Discs for Dummies

Congrats! You just sold a disc online. If you want to be considered an upstanding online seller, we’d recommend you ship this way after you have received your funds online from your buyer.

Buying Postage

OK, so that PayPal account just had some money added to it, use those funds to cover your shipping costs by using PayPal’s “Ship Now” feature. It deducts right from your account, gives you a tracking number and you print a label at home. Drop it in the mailbox and you’re done. No Post Office visit, unless that is your thing.

Ship using this link and print labels at home:
PayPal Ship Now

Send The Buyer The Tracking Number!

Packing up Your Discs (Up to 2 Discs)

When shipping two discs use the Priority bubble mailers, they’re FREE! You will have to use Priority mail when shipping two discs. You still use PayPal above, just choose Priority! Place cardboard in between each disc and in every mailer you send out for singles. Cut to square and the same size as the discs.

Shipping One Disc? Buy the bubble mailers below in bulk and save. When you use the above mentioned PayPal shipping, always choose “First Class” for single disc mailing. Your disc even at 180 grams weighs 6.5 ounces or less. The bubble mailer is minimal so type in around 7 ounces and pay for shipping. Print your label, tape it on, drop it off!
You’re done!
You can purchase bubble mailers in bulk here.

Shipping 3 Discs? Consider a USPS Priority Box. Usually between $5-$8 depending where you’re shipping.

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