Previous World Champion, Next World Champion?

The PDGA released an interesting article earlier this week titled, “Most Dominant Disc Golfers of the Past 10 Years“.  It was a cool way to see which players, men and women, were really dominating the sport of disc golf. This got me to thinking about the the World Championships.

Of course, Ricky Wysocki finally got the monkey off his back and won his first  World Title in 2016. Before that, Paul McBeth had won 4 consecutive years. A feat not accomplished since Ken Climo. Here is my question.

Which former World Champion not named McBeth or Wysocki still has the game to win another? Going back before McBeth, you get names like Doss, McCabe, Jenkins, Feldberg, Climo. Can any of these previous world champions make a run at another title? I think there are two real contenders.

Nate Doss and Dave Feldberg.

Assuming they are both healthy, Doss and Feldberg usually find themselves in contention at most of the tournaments they play. Dave Feldberg won his World Title in 2008. Nate Doss is a 3X World Champion in 2005, 2007, and 2011. I know they could handle the pressure of the moment, but can they put up the consistent play that is required at a World Championships. Can they adapt their game to get back to the top? I think so, what do you think?

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