Top Disc Golf Bags of 2016

So you’re in the market for a disc golf bag? For yourself, for a friend or family member? Not sure which one is the best. Well, in our not so scientific Facebook poll, we asked 235 players and recorded their answers. Here are the top 10 disc golf bags currently being used in 2016.

1.Dynamic Discs Ranger Bag


The most popular bag out of the 235 players who provided feedback.

17% of users claimed an original Ranger Bag.

The Dynamic Discs Ranger Backpack a high quality bag with a much more friendly price tag. This bag was designed with the serious disc golfer in mind and was tested and modified multiple times to finally result in the perfected product.

Retail: $174.99 – Purchase one Here


2. Grip EQ Ax-15


Number 2 on our list is the popular Grip Ax-15.

11% of users claimed an Ax-15.

The Grip EQ AX Series disc golf bag ~ Extending the state of the art in design innovation, increased utility and durability with a Massive 22 Disc Main Compartment, Double Zipper 3 Disc Top Quiver, Expandable Side Storage Pockets, Dual Insulated Bottle Pockets and Integral Full Fit Rain Cover, included.

Retail $194.99 – Purchase One Here


3. Latitude 64 E2 Luxury Bag


A quality bag for sure. Since, the E3 has come out but the E2 was a very popular bag!

8% of Users Claimed an E2 as their bag.

Made out of sturdy nylon fabric with artificial leather details and embroidered logos, it is a thing of beauty to behold.

Thanks to the unique front pocket, the bag does not tip forward as easily as other back packs, reducing the risk of having the bag tipping and spewing its contents on the ground. Another unique feature is the clever umbrella holder that enables you to carry the bag with the umbrella opened. This is perfect both for rain and very strong sunshine. It works wonders also when you have a caddie as he/she then has their hands free to wipe off discs.
The bag is made to carry approximately 20 discs but can be made to carry over 30 if all compartments are used for discs.

Retail: 149.99 – Purchase One Here


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