Top Disc Golf Bags of 2016

4. Dynamic Discs Commander

dyanmic discs commander bag

The Commander has already grabbed a nice market share for DD. 6% of users claimed their primary bag was Dynamic Discs Commander Bag.

The bag game is changing. Until now, a player has had to trade quality for a low price but not anymore. With a 20-disc main compartment, you will not sacrifice carrying capacity for a smaller footprint. In addition, the 2 pockets on the vertical wall allow for several more discs to head out to the course. Full length zippered vertical pockets can hold all of your extra gear with room to spare. 2 bottle holders, 2 cell phone sized pockets, chair/umbrella strap, and an incredibly lightweight but durable construction will make this bag a favorite of casual and tournament players alike. Take command of your game.

Retail: $119.99 – Purchase One Here


5. Innova HeroPack

innova heropack

The Innova HeroPack has also grabbed a nice share of the market in it’s first year. 6% of users claimed their primary bag was a HeroPack.

The Innova Heropack Disc Golf Backpack is a light weight, stylish, affordable, disc golf bag. This backpack includes everything you need for a casual or tournament round. The Heropack has space for 25+ discs including easy access putter pockets on the top and front of bag. This backpack also features two water bottle holders, pencil holders, large side storage pockets, and inner detail pockets for keys and a mobile phone.

Retail: $89.99 – Purchase One Here


6. Upper Park Designs Rebel



The Rebel by Upper Park Designs is one of the most unique looking backpack bags on the market. 4% of our users claimed the Rebel as their primary bag.

he Rebel was extensively developed over the course of a year. From the design layout to the choice of materials, our obsessive attention to detail can be seen with every stitch. Weighing in at only 3lb 11oz it sports the classic Upper Park style with the same focus on comfort and build quality. We paired our vertical storage with the common lower-level horizontal storage so capacity is an easy 25 discs. To keep the space flexible each bag includes two adjustable dividers that allow custom separation in the lower compartment. We’ve innovated on the classic mini pocket with our Quick-draw slot directly on the top of the bag. A flap access rainfly with taped seams (as they should be) comes standard, the over-sized pockets on each side are perfect for stuff-it accessories. There’s even a strap to hold your chair or umbrella. If you’re looking for corners we cut, you won’t find them.

Retail: $149+ – Purchase One Here


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