5 Things Every Disc Golfer Should Have in Their Bag

There are a number of items that belong in your disc golf bag besides discs. We just wanted to go over 5 items that every bag needs to have. This list does not include obvious items like a towel or bottle water.

  1. Birdie Bag – Nervous? Is it hot and humid? A birdie bag will keep your hands dry and comfortable allowing the best possible grip on your discs for any shot. birdie_bag
  2. Nail Clippers – Are you going to give yourself a manicure mid round? Of course not. But, nail clippers are great for trimming dings off of discs and if needed, trimming your nails too.
  3.  Chap stick – I know the weather has caught me by surprise several times and I always wished I had chap stick in my bag. Lesson learned.
  4. Bug Spray – Especially during the summer months when the humidity is out, bug spray is a must. In my area, our course are built near bodies of water with creeks and streams. Mosquitoes love it and they love a disc golfer who is unprepared.
  5. Clip board – If you are an avid player and get into tournaments, chances are you will be responsible for score keeping at some point or another. A clip board is an excellent accessory to keep in your bag. It holds the card, allow for easier writing and is a solid, heavy item to clip that light weight piece of paper to so it’s not so easily lost.

Of course, bring a towel and plenty of water. Some other item you may consider include an extra pair of socks on tournament days, jackets or hoodies for colder weather and an umbrella on rainy days. Anything we missed or need to add? Let us know!

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