In The Mixed Bag – Premium Jokeri

Average Disc Golf started a new blog series all about what is in our bag. Now, we are not brand loyal and we carry a very mixed bag. We don’t have every brand, but we have quite a few. If you’re a seasoned player this may not help you any, but if you are a bit new to the sport, we thought these blogs would give you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

My next entry is the Premium Jokeri from Prodiscus.

I acquired this disc as a pre-release sample from Devan Owens. This mold along with two others arrived at my door. The Jokeri is the only one that made it into my bag on a regular basis. The plastic is extraordinary! The grip is there and it feels very premium. Being completely manufactured in Nokia, Finland I knew it would be outstanding. The disc itself is very stable. It reminds me of a higher quality Zone. I use the Jokeri the same as a I would use a Zone. Off the tee and for approach shots. In my opinion, the over stability of this disc makes it predictable and reliable. When I am trying to get into the circle, the reliability of this disc makes me extra confident. Confidence in the disc I am throwing makes me play better. It’s really that simple. For now the Jokeri will stay in my bag until something comes along to challenge it.

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