10 Questions: Lamar Maughan

Average Disc Golf was able to get a 10 Questions interview with the one and only Lamar Maughan. You may know Lamar from the countless disc golf tutorial videos he has posted on YouTube.

1. How did you start playing disc golf?
I used to play frisbee catch with my dog Magic Johnson. He became quite good at it! So like any responsible dog owner we decided to step up his game. I went to a store and found a really advanced disc for playing catch. I believe it was called an acrobatic epic.On the first throw it went a mile and little Magic didn’t even come close! So to make a long story short we put him down 🙂 After that we tried to sue the disc manufacturer out of principle and stumbled upon the game. It’s been great!

2. What were your very first discs?
My first disc was a nuke OS I really wanted to ease myself into the sport and it just seemed like a good place to start. Looking back… I was dead on.

3. You have a very unique roller technique. How did you develop it?
Yoga, yoga, yoga.

4. What piece of advice would you give an average player to improve their game?
Aim Good

5. Your videos have helped thousands of viewers on YouTube, can we expect any new content?
I will always continue to do videos. Lately ,I’ve been flying around the country giving disc golf lessons to the top 1% #growthesport Those guys can afford me. Youtube is what I do for charity.

6. What is your absolute go-to disc in your bag right now?
I can’t play a single round without my Franklin RT Night Owl.

7. Would you recommend learning a backhand, forehand, roller, or overhand technique first?
None of the above! I think it’s important to work on your autograph first. Once that’s established the game should come natural, But If I had to chose I would say work on looking good. Control comes later.

8. How many aces do you have? Do you keep count?
As far as aces I have 1,479 Black and 14 straight up. #blacklinesmatter

9. Do you have a favorite course? What is it?
Ann Morrison Boise ,ID I love goose poop. It’s really good for the skin. The course is nice and flat without any trees and LOTS of people. It’s perfect.

10. What new discs have you added to your bag or tried lately? Any keepers?
The RT Albatrose and the RT Sparrow. The game is too easy with these little stiff’s .

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