10 Questions – Dana Vicich

Average Disc Golf scored a “10 Questions” interview with Discmania Pro, Dana Vicich. When he is not helping with DiscGolfPark or SmashboxxTV you can find Dana on the course with the best players in the game. Here is our short interview.

How did you get started playing disc golf?
I purchased a few discs while in Michigan for a baseball tournament. When I returned home from the tournament, a course had coincidently just been installed in my hometown. It was on from there!

What were your very first discs?
DX Spider and DX Whippet

How many aces do you have? Do you keep count? Do you “retire” discs?
I have more than 50 aces and less than 100. I haven’t kept good track and I regret that. I do retire discs, but usually only when I switch sponsors. For the most part I’m throwing em to I lose em, which for me happens a lot.

What would you consider your greatest moment in disc golf? Could be a win, shot, accomplishment, etc.
A few shots and tournaments stand out throughout my career for sure, but winning the Spirit Award at the Vibram Open has to be one of my prouder moments. Also working with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to establish the St. Jude Charity Invitational as been pretty special.

What piece of advice would you give the average player to improve their game the fastest?
Play with putters and mids exclusively for an extended amount of time. Also, learn how to make putts. Putt from close range and build that confidence.

If you weren’t involved in disc golf, what would you be doing for a profession?
I’d likely be working somewhere in the recreation industry.

With all the new tours and varying schedules, do you think that tournaments suffer or lose interest from fans because top players are missing? Ex: McBeth at Silver Cup (DGPT Event)
I think that this first year is where we will see the most problems with scheduling between the tours. I’d be lying if I said that these events that are missing top players don’t suffer a little bit. The event is still great and everything, but the fans (both local and online) don’t seem to show up as much if McBeth isn’t there.

The sport is growing and as it does, what do you think can be done to provide fans with better video coverage? Post production is nice, but live feeds have proven to be difficult and losing followers due to the lack of cards covered and time committed to watch a round.
Weekday rounds might be a stronger option for us. Even the biggest fans are likely choosing playing vs. staying home and watching live on the weekends.

Who are the three other players you would put on a card with you to make a “Dream Card” or once in a lifetime type card to play 18 holes with?
I’d love to play a round with some of the legends of the game like Dan ‘Stork’ Roddick, Stancil E.D. Johnson MD and someone like a Dave Dunipace. I once played a final round at the USDGC with a ‘Dream Card’. I got paired up with Ken Climo, Barry Shultz and Nate Doss. That was a pretty special moment for me early on in my Pro career.

What tips do you have when switching disc manufacturers and trying to adjust to new molds and plastics?
Great question, I’m actually currently on my 3rd different bag of discs in 3 years. I’d say it is important to not think about your old favorite discs and to focus on finding out which ones will be your new favorites. I’m a big fan of finding a disc that I like and then just throwing the heck out of it (ie Swirly Star MD from Discmania). Best way to do that is to get out and play as much as possible and put yourself in all those pressure situations with your new discs. Its also incredibly helpful having a friend who knows your game (and whatever manufacturer) and can help direct you to with what to throw.

Which sponsors can we shout out for you?
I’m currently sponsored by Discmania, Paragon and Ledgestone Insurance.

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