10 Questions: Holly Finley

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Average Disc Golf was able to catch up with the Dutchess of Disc Golf and include her in our “10 Questions” Series. Here are her answers.

How long have you been playing disc golf?

Approximately 3 years. I started in mid May of 2011, but moved to Africa for a 5 month modeling contract in October of 2011. When I returned in 2012, I entered my first tournament in Nashville TN, an Ice Bowl. I placed 1st in Advanced Women and never looked back. I went on to compete in 27 events during my first year of competition and earned 16 first places. After placing 4th at the Amateur World Championships in Charlotte, NC, I decided I would go Pro the next year.

What were your first discs, if you remember?

My first disc was a blue beat up DX Beast I bought at Play it Again sports.

What is currently, your favorite disc?

My favorite disc is a RoadRunner, any plastic will do, Champion, Star or Starlight.

How many aces do you have?

I have 3 aces. 1: A skipper at a shorty course in New Berlin, WI I got on a warmup round before leagues. (Blizzard Wraith) 2: An awesome ACE at the PDGA Professional World Championships at Lemon Lake in 2013, that one earned me $136.00! (Starlight RoadRunner) 3: A sweet Ace during a warmup throw before the Standing Rocks Open event in Wisconsin. (Starlight RoadRunner)

When you practice, what do you work on most?

When I’m practicing, I work on all aspects equally. Driving, Upshots and putts. I also practice in heavily wooded areas to improve my accuracy.

For the average player, what advice would you give them on improving their game?

Find a disc that does the work for you. Instead of trying to force a disc to create a shape, learn about the different types of discs and their natural flight paths. For example, I love an Innova Mako for my midrange. It’s created to flight straight. The numbers are 4(Speed), 5(Glide), 0(Turn), 0(Fade). You don’t have to work to make it fly straight, it was designed that way!

What is the best and worst thing about traveling for the sport?

The best thing about traveling for Disc Golf is the fact that I get to visit all the places around the World that I haven’t been to before. The worst part is how expensive it is to get there. Unlike modeling, Disc Golf doesn’t pay your travel expenses.

Being a professional model as well, how is your time divided between that and disc golf?

Modeling has taken a back seat to Disc Golf. I have way more fun being outside, tossing circles around the woods, than doing photoshoots or walking the runway. Disc Golf is about athleticism and fitness. The more you practice, the better you get. Modeling is about your looks, you can work out and stay fit, but you can’t really change the way you look. It’s the luck of the universe, you were either born tall and slender with a model “look” or you weren’t.

Which is your favorite course to play?

My favorite course of all time is Camden II in Milan, IL. My 2nd favorite is Bowers Park in Tuscaloosa, AL and my 3rd favorite is McCormick in OR.

What are your goals going into 2015?

To be a PDGA Professional Women’s World Champion!


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