10 Questions: Andrea Meyers

Our 10 Questions Series continues with the ladies. We catch up with Dynamic Discs sponsored pro, Andrea Meyers.

How long have you been playing disc golf?

I started playing disc golf in 2010, and played my first tournament a few months later.

You’re recently sponsored, how did this change up your bag?

I joined Team Dynamic Discs in January and had to adjust my entire bag to Trilogy. It has been a difficult transition, but has allowed me to discover some fantastic discs and change the way I approach a course.

When you practice, what do you work on most?

When I practice, I like to work on my course management more than anything else. Too often after a tournament, I look back and think I made some bad decisions that led to a higher score for the round. So, when I’m out playing a practice round, I really try to look at my options and take every shot seriously.

Which is worse? Hitting the cage, hitting the cap, or the airball?

When I’m putting, I like to know that I’m on target. Nothing is worse than a total airball for killing my confidence. As irritating as hitting the cage is, at least I know I’m on target.

How many aces do you have, and have you stopped counting?

I have stopped counting aces. They are fun, but usually accidental. I’d rather hit short and skip or slide close for the birdie.

What is your favorite disc to throw right now?

My favorite disc right now is the Westside VIP World. I throw it both forehand and backhand and get tons of distance and accuracy from it.

What goals do you have going into 2015?

In 2015, I plan to play in my first NT and I would like to cash in that. As always, I would like to increase my rating. Most of all, I would like to gain some consistency and stamina through a tournament.

What is one tip you would give a new player?

My tip to new players is to start slow. Pick up a midrange or a putter to get started instead of a distance driver. You’ll develop better form and it”ll be easier to learn drivers when you decide to.

Which is your favorite course to play?

I don’t really have a favorite course at the moment. As long as it’s a nice day and I’m playing disc golf, I’m happy.

Do you recommend a new player learn forehand or backhand first?

I recommend new players learn backhand first. Its the more difficult form, in my opinion. I started with a backhand, but added a forehand within the first few months. I know I wouldn’t be successful if I didn’t have both options.

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