In The Mixed Bag – G-Star TL3

Average Disc Golf started a new blog series all about what is in our bag. Now, we are not brand loyal and we carry a very mixed bag. We don’t have every brand, but we have quite a few. If you’re a seasoned player this may not help you any, but if you are a bit new to the sport, we thought these blogs would give you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

Our next entry is a straight fairway driver. The G-Star TL3 from Innova Champion Discs.

The TL3 was recommended to me by a few disc golf buddies who saw my frustration when I realized I had a hole in my bag. I was in need of a disc that I could release on a slight hyzer and have it stay dead straight for 300 feet. Sometimes I can get this flight from my seasoned Champion Thunderbird, but if I don’t release that disc right, it will hook up on me. One particular hole on my local course requires this exact shot. It is a straight, uphill fairway with a low canopy. The distance on the sign is 280 or so, but the elevation increase makes this a difficult shot. You have a creek down the left of the fairway and brush down the right. The ideal shot is a dead straight laser beam that lands at the base of the green. It is my least favorite hole of both my local courses. On a side note, Will Schusterick parked this hole about 2 feet from the pin for a cash CTP. He threw sidearm.

12637269_10207003303653744_1399089901_oAnyhow, back to the TL3. This disc is supposed to handle this hole that I despise so much. And for the most part, it has. I think the TL3 has been a great disc to add to my bag. It flies exactly like I need it to. Straight and with a slight finish at the end. The glide on this disc is sufficient enough to get the distance I need out of it. It can skip on you though, so heads up. I am not that big a fan of G-Star plastic, but until they come out with the TL3 in a different plastic, this one will do. I also really like the narrower rim. I am a big fan of narrower rim discs like the Thunderbird, Tern, etc. This disc was a good fit for my grip preference.

If you need a that dead straight shot that a mid range may not handle, consider a G-Star TL3. You can score one from for about $15.00!

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