10 Questions: Paul McBeth

Average Disc Golf reached out to 3X World Champion, Paul McBeth to see if he would answer 10 simple questions for us. McBeast was gracious enough to take the time to do it and these are his answers.

1. How does it feel to be only the 2nd person ever to 3 peat as World Champ?

It’s a huge honor! Many people have said it would never be done especially with the talent pool that disc golf currently has. I enjoy when people say things can’t be done, it gives me a great goal to shoot for.

2. For average, regular players, what is the best tip you could give them?

Never stop having fun, I’ve been there and it just drives you insane and you can’t learn if it isn’t fun. Make up games and contest to keep yourself interested, that’s the easiest way to improve.

3. If you remember, what were the first discs you owned?

They were a Innova 3 piece starter box. Dx Cheetah, Dx Shark and a Dx Aviar.

4. What’s the worst thing about traveling for the sport?

All the time away from your family and friends.

5. What’s the best thing?

The experiences and lessons you learn along the way, I’ve learned more traveling than I had ever learned back home for my first 18 years of life

6. How many aces do you have total? No clue.

Have you lost count? I stopped counting after 70.

7. What is your absolute favorite disc?

That’s tough can I choose more? Roc3 if I had to choose one but if I had only 3 to play a round it would be teebird, Roc3 and McPro Aviar

8. What do work on most when you practice?

Putting! It’s by far the easiest to practice but it takes the most patience to because you can easily get bored. You want to quit if you’re not making them but putting is what ultimately wins championships.

9. Which player do you feel you compete most closely with?

Ricky Wysocki

10. What will be the 3rd World Championship disc for you?

We’ll see…..


What do you think of McBeth’s answers? What WILL his 3rd Championship Disc Be? Comment Below.

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