The Highest Rated Player in Every State

I set out to find out who the highest rated player was for every state in the USA. The results are current as of the September, 2016 ratings update. While doing my research, I also found out some other interesting tidbits of information. Let’s get into it.

Alabama – Cameron Colglazier is your highest rated player at 1028. Matt Orum is right behind at 1022. They are the only two players rated 1000+.

Alaska – Yes, Alaska has disc golf courses and they have PDGA members. Thaddaeus Gunther is the highest rated player at 974.

ArizonaPaul Ulibarri is tops at 1019 with the youngster Anthony Barela right behind him at 1013.

Arkansas – The Natural state boasts only one player rated over 1000. That would be Chris Eads at 1001.

California –  Whelp, Paul McBeth is from California, so there’s that. He is rated at 1051. California also boast the most 1000+ rated players in the country. Nikko Locastro comes in at 1028 and Steve Rico at 1020.

Colorado – Eagle McMahon is your highest rated player in Colorado at 1025. Joe Revere is second at 1016 and Jared Roan comes in at 1006.

Connecticut – Connecticut also has a single player rated over 1000. That would be Bobby Cowperthwait at 1005.

Delaware – Your top rated player in the state of Delaware? Dave Feldberg at 1031. Mike Moser comes in next at 1011.

Florida – Home of “The Champ” but Kenny isn’t the highest rated player. That honor belongs to Garret Gurthie who is rated a single point higher than Climo (1022) at 1023. Johne McCray comes in at 1021.

Georgia – The Peach State has 3 players rated 1000+. Top dog would be Matt Dollar at a solid 1010.

Hawaii – There are only 3 PDGA members in Hawaii. Jospeh Royer is your highest rated player at 937.

Idaho – Idaho has just under 40 PDGA members who classify as Professionals. None of them are over 1000… yet. The highest rated player is Josh Flynn at 995.

Illinois – Another state with a single player rated over 1000. That would be Allen Hermosillo at 1004. I’d suspect this wont last long as Amateur Champion, Izak McDonald is sitting in 2nd place at 999. Also noted would be Neal Swanson at 998 and everyone’s favorite Smashie, Dana Vicich at 992.

Indiana – So close! Indiana has no player rated 1000+. Paul Oman comes in at the top spot with a 999.

Iowa – Once more we find a state without a single player rated 1000+. Your top rated player? Benjamin Callaway at 998.

Kansas – Home of 2010 World Champion and the highest rated player in the state, Eric McCabe. EMac sits at 1020 with the only other player over 1000 being Chris Smith at 1006. I kind of thought they would have more players over 100o to be honest.

Kentucky – Dutch Napier is Kentucky’s highest rated player at 997.

Louisiana – There isn’t a single player over 1000 in this southern state. Josh Patin is the highest rated at 998.

Maine – Host of the 2016 USWDGC, Maine has two players rated 1000+. Those would be Tyler Grady at 1006 and Jason Dore at 1003.

Maryland – Yet another state with a single 1000 rated player. That is Andrew Fish with a rating of 1019.

Massachusetts – Kyle Moriarty is the highest rated player at 987.

Michigan – Michigan proudly has two 1000+ rated players. Tim Barham at 1009 and Ziggy Bierekoven at 1003.

Minnesota – Yep, you’re right. Cale Leiviska is the highest rated player in Minnesota. But, Alex Geisinger is right there with him. Both at 1026.

Mississippi – Shane Seal, a Masters Division player, is the highest rated player in Mississippi at 984.

Missouri – Chris Clemons sits at 1010. Zackeriath Johnson and George Smith sit at 1001.

Montana – Christian Dietrich is the highest rated and only player over 1000. He sits at 1020.

Nebraska – Brandon Oatman is the highest rated player at 978.

Nevada – Nevada does not have a 1000+ rated player either. Steve Berger at 994 is awfully close though.

New Hampshire – Drew Smith is your highest rated player at 966.

New Jersey – Finally a state that starts with “N” that has a 1000+ rated player. Craig Cutler at 1004 and Andrew Hendry right behind him at 1001.

New Mexico – Marcos Castillo, congratulations you’re the highest rated player in NM at 983!

New York – Home to USDGC Champion Steve Brinster. Brinster comes in at 1019. Surprisingly, New York only has one more player rated over 1000. That would be Dan Hastings at 1008.

North Carolina – I was anxious to get to this state with all the talent it has. Tops is Nate Sexton at 1033. But NC has many top level players inlcuding Barry Schultz (1030), Michael Johansen (1025), Jeremy Koling (1023), Cam Todd (1017) and Brian Schweberger at 1010.

North Dakota – North Dakota has about 20 registered PDGA members. Darrell Nodland is the highest rated at 1024.

Ohio – The 2009 World Champion is still holding down the highest rating. Avery Jenkins sits at 1007. Brad Schick is closing in at 1005.

Oklahoma – This state has a lot of great courses. The lefty, Devan Owens sits on top of the ratings list at 1020. Grandmaster Ron Convers is second at 1005!

Oregon – Everyone’s favorite pro, Nate Doss holds down a solid 1029 to top Oregon. Scott Withers is second at 1018.

Pennsylvania – Devin Frederick is the highest rated player at 1005.

Rhode Island – RI has four registered PDGA members. The highest rated is Norman Fitzgerald at 959.

South Carolina – The reigning World Champion resides here. Ricky Wysocki sits at an incredible 1048. No one else is over 1000.

South Dakota – Unfortunately South Dakota is the lower rated of the Dakota’s. Nick Hanson is tops at 981.

Tennessee – 3X USDGC Champion Will Schusterick resides here, but he is not the highest rated player. Schusterick comes in at 1015 and Chris Dickerson holds down the top spot at 1019.

Texas – One of the biggest states in the US. Home to several quality courses but only four 1000+ rated players. Bradley Williams sits on top at 1024.

Utah – Josh Newton is on top in Utah with a 985. Eric Oakley sits in second at 979.

Vermont – Sean Bleything is tops in Vermont at 960.

Virginia – This state has one 1000+ rated player. That would be James Conrad at 1011. Cody Bradshaw is awfully close at 998.

Washington – Kyle Crabtree holds the top spot in Washington sitting at 1030.

West Virginia – Senior Grandmaster, Johnny Sias holds it down with the highest rating in West Virginia. He is rated 983.

Wisconsin – Adam Hammes is so close! He has the highest rating at 999. Just for fun Terry “The Disc Golf Guy” Miller is rated 953.

Wyoming – Dale Ryden sits on top at 948.

Washington DC – Yes, it’s not a state, but it does have it’s own section of ratings. With only one registered PDGA member, Heath Hayward is tops at 951.

I had a few interesting thoughts while compiling this list. How cool would it be to see an all star tournament featuring the highest rated five players from California vs the highest rated five players from North Carolina? Also, with DC being such a populated area, I was surprised to see only (1) registered PDGA member.

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