Paige Pierce Leaving Prodigy in 2016?

It would be hard to believe considering she has won multiple world titles and was so dominant in 2015. Our suspicion was aroused when watching the 1 Year Anniversary episode of Smashboxx TV’s Tuesday night podcast. Pierce and Madison Walker who are frequent guests on the show made an appearance together, possibly after a few glasses of wine. Pierce did seem to be a bit more relaxed than her normal demeanor when on such a show. When asked if they wanted to have an opportunity to plug Prodigy’s new Backpack Bag, the BP-1. Pierce didn’t take the bait. Not only did she skip the chance to promote the bag, she comically turned it down. Take a look at the video for yourself…

“You never know what’s gonna happen in 2016.” – Paige Pierce

This could be fun and games, and it could be a sign of some changes for Pierce. Paige has ties to multiple manufacturers. Knowing her close knit relationship with Eric McCabe could link her to joining Team Trilogy. She has also become good friends with 4X World Champion Paul McBeth and her seemingly best friend, Madison Walker plays for Innova. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Innova try to add another multi-time world champion to their roster. Either way, our interest is perked and we will be watching and listening for more from the 3X World Champion.

Edit: Dana Vicich had this to say over at the DGCourseReview Forums. “I’d expect an announcement (switching) or a non-announcement (staying) to come after her trip to Puerto Rico. I’ve heard no new deals have been inked and that she’s under contract for another year with Prodigy.”

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