Will Schusterick Announces Prodigy A1 Prototype

Will Schusterick took to his Instagram account to announce the A1 Proto from Prodigy Discs. Here is what he had to say…

Welcome to the disc golf world, Prodigy A1… A lot of people have been waiting for you! Review video coming soon!

We reached out to Will for more information on the A1. He was gracious enough to provide this information to Average Disc Golf.

“A” stands for approach. I would say it is a slight hybrid of a midrange and a putter. Faster than a putter, but it come to the ground quickly and sticks really well with not too much skip. The A series is going to be a little faster than the PA series with less glide and more stability, making it better in the wind overall. Compared to the PA series, the A series has a slightly shallower rim as well making it better for most sidearm players.

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