Why The GRIP EQ AX15?

So we ordered the newly released Grip-EQ AX15 Tour Bag in Digital Camo. Why did we spend almost $300 on a bag? Here’s why.

Quality – Everyone we know who has a Grip-EQ bag swears by their quality design and build. We haven’t heard anyone complain about their Grip Bag. In fact, one of the main selling points for us was from an owner of one of the original bags who says he will never get a different bag that his Grip is the only one he will ever need or want.

Reputation – The best players in the world carry Grip-EQ. From Paul McBeth to Simon Lizotte and more, Grip bags are on the backs of the elite players in the sport. Grip’s reputation from every day players is very good as well. Of the numerous Facebook groups for disc golf bags, you hardly see someone selling or trading a Grip, unless it is to get another Grip bag. It doesn’t take long to find some who wants to trade their other branded disc golf bag for a Grip. Look for yourself.

Warranty – The Grip Warranty is lifetime. They believe in their product so much, they offer a lifetime warranty on it. That means a lot to us, especially when you consider the cost. In our eyes, we will not need another bag ever again.

We have yet to receive our bag, but when we do, we will do a full featured video review so you can decide for yourself whether investing in a bag from Grip-EQ is something you should do. From our perspective we’d suggest it.

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