Why Infinite Discs?

If you are a member of our online newsletter, you should have received an update yesterday going over some changes being made to the site. One of the main changes I decided to make was to remove the online store and no longer sell any discs in a retail fashion on the site. In all honesty, I just have too many responsibilities to maintain on the site alone aside from running and maintaining an online store. A while back, Infinite Discs reached out to me asking if I would be interested in their new affiliate program. I was but I never put out all the effort needed to make it worth while. I have now decided to do that.

I have personally ordered from Infinite Discs and was happy with how my order was packaged, shipped and the way that their site is laid out. I like being able to see the actual disc I am buying. I can only assume many in our audience are the same. So I have decided to go full force into working with Infinite Discs to link to their product selection and so on. You may have noticed and will continue to notice direct links for products mentioned in articles, reviews, videos, etc that will take you directly to Infinite Disc and give you an immediate chance to purchase should you want to.

I personally feel this is a win, win, win. Our audience now has even easier access to the discs they want to buy with great customer service, prices and more. Infinite Discs will sell more products and in turn the site will make a little extra cash on the side to help with giveaways, costs, etc.

So I’d have to immediately encourage everyone reading this to click here and make your first or next purchase with Infinite Discs.

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