Why I’m Considering a Disc Golf Cart

You may have seen many of the top players in the game promoting new bags and new discs. Recently, you have seen players like Ricky Wysocki and Dave Feldberg promoting the Delta Cart. Personally, I carry a Grip AX15 Bag. This was the first backpack style bag I ever owned and I love it. I’ve had several opportunities to use bags from other manufactures including the Ranger and Ranger H20, the Commander, and the Innova Heropack. I never quite felt it was worth switching bags. The Grip has been sturdy, reliable and does everything I need it to do. So why would I consider a cart? It’s simple for me. I’m an old guy now. Yea, I’m only 32 but as I continue to age and play this sport, carrying a bag will only get tougher and less appealing.

Where I live, in Arkansas, it gets hot. It gets humid. The weather can be unpredictable sometimes. I find myself checking the weather before rounds, using things to stay cool, and I never, ever bring my stool. I see it as just one more thing to carry and remember from hole to hole. Especially during the summer, a bag is a bit more of a bother. The straps get sweaty, your shirts get worn out and stained from where the bag is rubbing on your back and when your battling heat, reaching down and grabbing that bag 50+ times gets tiring. So I have reached the point where a cart is a desirable purchase. The question is, which cart?

I’m only 32 but as I continue to age and play this sport, carrying a bag will only get tougher and less appealing.

With the variances in course designs, I will probably never fully get rid of the backpack, but a cart will be primarily used from here on. I have heard good things about many of the carts out there including the Zuca, the Delta and so on. Should I just go the cheaper route and make my own or buy the baby stroller? For a Delta cart you’re looking at $399! For a Zuca, $299! That’s pretty steep for my disc golf budget. Granted, I did pay near that for the AX15, but that was a few years ago when I still had the “I have to get rid of this starter bag” mentality. Now I am looking for functionality, comfort, storage and more and I’m worried much less about the cool factor. And who is to say carts aren’t cool?


During his “In The Bag”, Dave Feldberg made the case for carts. He has obviously carried a bag for lot longer than I have, but his information is correct and pretty much applies to everyone. I have had some tell me a cart is cumbersome and harder to deal with when loading and unload it from your vehicle. This may be true, but if the costs is a few minutes of loading/unloading time and I have 2 hours of disc golf without carrying anything, the cart will be well worth it.



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