Where is Will Schusterick?

Obviously Will has been touring all season. Check his social media profiles and you could get a pretty good idea of where he actually is currently. What I am wondering about is where the heck is Will Schusterick on tour? With an upcoming wedding and responsibilities to go with it, it’s fair to say Schusterick has been distracted and extra busy.

The truth is, I miss him. Not literally, but I miss seeing Schusterick on the leader board. In the final rounds, on the lead card crushing 500+ foot drives and throwing silky smooth approach shots. I haven’t seen much of him in tournament videos this season either although he did just post an extensive and detailed driving clinic. He hasn’t really left a mark on the tour this year like he has in past seasons.

Through 15 Events
Through 15 Events

Schusterick has (2) wins. Yes, only two. He hasn’t been on the podium much this year. One of his victories came at “The Open at IDGC” over a single 1000 rated player and several under 1000. No disrespect to anyone in that field, but when you’re a 3X USDGC Champion and have 72 wins on your resume, you are expected to win that tournament. Will is currently rated at 1025 and  that is obviously a very solid number, but his lowest since May 2011 when he was rated 1019.

So what is it? Wedding? Probably. Other business ventures? Probably. Just a bad season? Maybe. His putting game? Hmm, lets discuss that. I am not a disc golf pro nor am I in any position to criticize one of the best players in the world. But if you watch enough tournament videos, it’s pretty clear Will has an issue with that putting stroke. That is a common view shared by many in online forums and discussion boards. There seems to be a “hitch” or a hesitation at the drop down of his form. That’s always been there, but before it was more fluid and less noticeable. Now it is obvious. The putter is the key to low scores. Almost every golfer knows this. If you don’t have that putting confidence it will be very tough to compete at a high level. Is this the source of Will’s rough 2016 season? Maybe.

I am a huge Will Schusterick fan. I have worked with him on a few things and he has always been a class act. He is still one of the best players in the game. But we need him back. The tour needs him back. When Will is competing at a high level, disc golf is better for it. In the same way the NBA needs the Lakers or the Celtics or the Knicks, the National Tour, the Disc Golf Pro Tour and the Disc Golf World Tour need a strong Will Schusterick. How awesome is it when you watch the sudden death USDCG playoff from 2014 with Will, Johne McCray Paul McBeth?  How awesome was it when he took down The Memorial and the GBO in 2013? It’s really awesome.

Hopefully Will can get things turned around and focused as we head into the biggest tournaments of the year.

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