What is the American Disc Golf Tour?

A bombshell was dropped yesterday when a 3rd additional tour was announced yesterday. The Disc Golf American Tour is reportedly linked to ESPN. Aiming to bring disc golf to the masses, the Twitter account for the Disc Golf American Tour posted the photo below.


This photo lit a fire storm of questions regarding the tour. Twitter, Reddit and other Social Media sites were littered with questions, opinions, and doubts. Not much information was available initially, but as the day progressed more and more information became available.

The common denominator throughout the day was “Salient Discs”. Unfortunately, it appears Salient’s reputation is not very good within the disc golf community. Personally, we have never had any kind of Salient product or service, nor have we ever done any work with them. We cannot speak on our own accord, but a little research online doesn’t shed a positive light for the disc golf company.

Due to this reputation within the disc golf community, most observers were not impressed with the tour, their website, their event, etc. Many thought it could be a scam. Fortunately more information was released by The Disc Golf Guy on the weekly Smashboxx TV podcast. Here is what we gathered from the Smashboxx broadcast.

  • This tour WILL happen.
  • It will be broadcast on ESPN 3.
  • It will be filmed by an ESPN quality production team.
  • The first event is only open to invited players.
  • Tour creator and owner Chris Kilgus was unavailable, but answered some question. He is the owner of Salient Discs.
  • ESPN will approve graphics.
  • Dana Vicich is NOT a fan.
  • Paul McBeth will not attend the first event.

This did clear up some of the information that seemed to be lacking. Of course, you can gather your own opinion by visiting their website.
From our perspective, it is important to keep an open mind and wait for further details to be released for the tour. For now, speculation will continue and we can only hope for the best.

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