Westside Discs Tournament Destiny Review

14 | 6 | -3 | 2

Westside Discs’ recently released the Destiny. Their newest 14 speed driver. I was particularly interested in this disc when I initially saw the flight numbers. A 14 speed disc with a glide of 6 and a turn of -2? This sounded like it would be perfect for y arm and my driving style. And it was. Here are my thoughts after a few rounds with it in my bag.

Grip – The Tournament plastic is so nice. Anyone who has thrown any of the discs from Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs or Westside Discs knows that the plastic is ultra premium. The rim on the Destiny measures in at 2.4 cm. Exactly the same as an Innova Boss. I am a fan of thinner rimmed discs like a Tern (2.2 cm) but I also love my seasoned in Echo Star Boss. For reference  an Innova Star Destroyer measures in at 2.3 cm. With that the grip is comfortable and the Tournament plastic grip is great. You will like how this disc feels in your hand.

Flight – I threw the Destiny over several rounds. This gave me the opportunity to throw it in a head wind, a tail wind, and in fairly calm conditions. In a moderate tail wind, this disc faded very slowly to the right while almost holding a straight flying pattern. It appeared to finish fairly straight as well. I got my farthest throw in tailwind hitting the 445 ft mark. I actually tried this disc in a head wind, on a hole where I needed an long anhyzer flex shot. Even in a stiff headwind, when thrown correctly the Destiny will flip over and and then come back for a controlled hyzer-flip or anhyzer flex shot. In neutral conditions the Destiny flew very true to its numbers. This discs just wants to stay in the air and that is what I love about it.

Overall – The Destiny is a great disc from Westside Discs. It reminded me of a better version of the G-Star Colossus that is still in my bag. Since I am not a huge fan of G-Star Plastic, I can see myself swapping it out with a Destiny when the time comes. Just like the Colossus, the Destiny reminds me of a seasoned Boss. A boss you have had for a long time, you trust, and would hate to lose. You get all this from the Destiny out of the box!

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