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The site is now about 6 months old. For the most part, everything has gone pretty well. We post disc golf content, you  read it, watch it, share it, and we both win. Now, we’re disc golfers, we’re not professional writers. Our goal is not to provide the most grammatically correct website on the interwebs. Our goal is to provide disc golf content to those who care to see it or use it. We are far from perfect, but we put in a ton of work to make this site happen and to run everything related to this site. Recently we posted an article about our experience hosting a professional touring pro. This article was filled with our experience, our opinions, and how we felt about the whole thing. We did make an error in the image we chose to use. We admit that. The article has since been removed. What happened because of that 1 article was a bit surprising. The haters really started to show their face. Only 1 person would put his name to it and message us directly, but most were on the social sharing site, Reddit. We will admit, we made an error, who doesn’t from time to time? With that being said, we didn’t bother to respond to the negative comments, we decided to just move on and continue to work on the site. Thanks to those same hate filled comments, we realized the value of posting our links on Reddit. We be doing that a bit more this year.

We give away a lot of DG items, we try hard to respond to everyone who messages us or posts on our FB page or Twitter. We want to be involved and engaged with our audience. We will continue to do this. We have no shame in how we run the site, or how we handle ourselves. We hope the work we put in reached a larger audience and more people will be inspired to play disc golf, because that is what it is all about.

So, what can you expect from us in 2015? The same hustle we put into the site in 2014 and some changes.

  • We have already, removed all popups from the site. We will also be changing the layout and design just a little bit.
  • We will be doing more giveaways. Giveaways to everyone, and then giveaways just for our AVG DG Supporters.
  • We will be featuring more of YOUR content on the site and social media.
  • We will have more player interviews.  Look for our “10 Questions” Series to continue. Patrick Brown and Sarah Hokom coming soon.
  • We will host clinics this year in our local area.
  • We will offer an even better AVG DG Supporters Pack this year (in the Fall).
  • We will continue to promote the DG Club Online Directory. Add Your Club!
  • We will continue our AVG DG Newsletter on a monthly basis. Get signed up cause that is where most of our announcements go first.
  • Growth and Promotion! We want to continue to grow and continue to promote disc golf as best we can.

We thank everyone who visits, follows, shares, and likes all of the content we work hard to provide. We thank all of you who are loyal to us, even if errors and mistakes happen.

Here is to a bigger, better, and birdie filled 2015. #ThrowLow

Now to go post this on Reddit. 😉

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