Total Disc Golf – IOS App/Game

Nuclear Nova Software has released a new game for the your iPhone and Mac. Total Disc Golf. It looks like a fun game and we’re excited to see another addition of a disc golf game to mobile devices.

  • Features include stunning 3D graphics – Nuclear Nova’s third generation graphics engine with all-new character models and fresh textures/artwork
  • Realistic disc physics – Beginners will enjoy the simple three-touch shot system, while avid disc golfers will be able to shape every shot using different discs just like they would expect in real life
  • Unique courses – Four unique courses all from different places around the world. These aren’t just simple re-skins, each area has it’s own play style and what works well on one course may not work well on another
  • Online Multiplayer – Challenge your friends to turn based multiplayer matches through Game Center
  • Customizable characters – Level up your character’s golfing skills while managing each avatar’s wardrobe and physical appearance
  • Career mode – Work your way up from the beginner to amateur circuit, then finally to the pro tour by winning various qualifiers and tournaments
  • Multiplayer – Challenge up to three of your friends and play at the same time, stroke and match play supported
  • Purchase custom discs, helpers, music, and more using virtual coins bought with in-app purchase
  • High replay value – Each hole has 64 unique configurations based on different tees, basket locations, and environmental difficulty
  • Custom soundtrack made specifically for Total Disc Golf
  • Achievements tracked along with course records, stored both locally and online with Game Center.


  • iOS
    • iPhone 4S+, iPad 3rd Gen+, or iPod Touch (5th Generation+)
    • iOS7.0+
  • Macintosh
    • Mac OS 10.8+, CPU Speed – 2.2 GHz, Memory – 2GB+, Video Ram –  256MB+
    • Recommended: Mac OS 10.7+, CPU Speed – 2.5 GHz, Memory – 4GB+, Video Ram –  512MB+
    • Notice: The following integrated video chipsets are not supported – Intel GMA 950, Intel GMA X3100, ATI X1600, Nvidia 7300-7600 series.


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