Top Disc Golf Bags of 2016

7. Pound Octothorpe

pound octothorpe

One of the newest bags on our list, the Pound Octothorpe is very popular. 3% of users claimed the Octothorpe as their primary bag.

The Octothorpe integrates high quality materials and stringent quality standards with innovative design. The result is the most comfortable and versatile disc golf backpack that will endure abuse round after round.

Retail: $299.99 – Purchase One Here


8. Revolution DG Bag

revolution disc golf bag

The Revolution or “Revo” bag has been in and out of production. Still a very popular bag as it makes the 8th spot in our survey.

The REVOLUTION Dual Pack is more than your typical backpack. Designed for maximum storage, the Dual Pack features two main compartments (top and bottom) for carrying your main selection of discs with other essential extras. The REVOLUTION Dual Pack is as good looking as it is tough. The bag features an all-new three color combination made from ultra-tough 1000d Cordura throughout. The bottom of the bag is made with durable truck vinyl to keep your bag clean and minimize wear.

Retail: $189.99+ – Purchase One Here


9. Prodigy BP-1


One of Prodigy Discs’ first bags, the BP-1 is a quality bag for the price. It comes on at 9 on our survey of 235 players.

The Prodigy BP-1 is made of a strong and durable fabric, 1000 D Cordura Nylon and has a continuous solid base with feet on the bottom of the bag. The BP-1 comes with a separate waterproof rain cover. The BP-1 is the ideal bag for people who are serious about their game. It is the perfect combination of light and rugged, designed to carry everything you will need to conquer all conditions.

Retail: $175.00 – Purchase One Here


10. Your Choice!

After the first 9 choices, several bags had the same number of users. Those that fell in the 10th and final spot include the Grip C-15, Latitude 64 E3, Innova Competition Bag, Magellan Bag, Fossa Tana and Dynamic Discs Sniper. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

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