Top 5 Putters in Disc Golf (2016)

The question is, who are the best putters in the world? This can always be debated. Everyone has their favorite players and usually some sort of bias. Of course as tournaments and player performances pass, this list can fluctuate. Going into the 2016 European Open we wanted to come up with our Top 5. Here they are. Agree or disagree?

  1. Ricky Wysocki – It’s rare you don’t have Paul McBeth at the top of a rankings list, but Wysocki just drains everything. Throughout 2016 Wysocki’s putting performance has been incredible. Take a look at this putting clinic he put on at the 2016 St. Patrick’s Classic.
  2. Paul McBeth – He is still the best player in the world and you don’t become the best player in the world without clutch putting. No player is more clutch with a putter than Paul McBeth. You won’t see too many misses and his jump putts are super accurate. He has dropped off bit in 2016 putting him at #2 on this list.
  3. Simon Lizotte – Laser beams. That’s how Lizotte cans his putts. From distance or in the circle you can be rest assured Lizotte will drain many putts from various distances. According to the DGWT, Simon is only behind Paul McBeth and Nate Sexton in ranking for “Outside the Circle Putts”.
  4. Nikko Locastro – Nikko is obviously a super skilled putter. His only downside? His mental game. It always seems that if Nikko misses a putt he expects to make, it will effect his next one and so on. If Nikko keeps his mental game in check, everyone knows he can drain them with the best of them.
  5. Nate Sexton – His style is a bit different but it is effective. Sexton is having another great season and his putting is key to that. Solid putting has put Sexton at the top of many major tournaments in 2016.

Of course when making a list like this an argument can me made for several players. Dave Feldberg, Paul Ulibarri, Michael Johansen, Steve Rico, Jeremy Koling and the list goes on. As the season continues and finishes, players will move in and out of the top 5. I think we can all agree who the top 2 are… right?

Let the debate begin.

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