The Ace and the Triple Bogey

If you don’t know, my name is David. I am the creator of this awesome website and I have spent the last few years trying to grow it. It has definitely been a learning curve and going into 2016, I have decided to make some changes. I want this site to be a bit more personal. For some reason, I got into the (bad) habit of using the word “We” when I should have been using “I”. With that, I am spending the next few months before the season is in full swing to get the site organized and updated. So you will be seeing some changes including the ones I made today. The menu above has a few new options, be sure to give it a look over. Also, my posts from now on will be formatted correctly. I am NOT a professional writer. I am a web designer, a husband, a business owner, a dog lover, and of course a disc golf enthusiast! Please cut me a bit of slack should you find grammatical or spelling errors.

Consider this my first personal blog entry. This personal story involves Will Schusterick.

Back in 2012 I was working on a now non existent disc golf blog called “Disc Golf Arkansas”. My buddy and I were determined to cover disc golf in our state and provide players in this area a way to see themselves online and in videos. That year in May during Memorial Day weekend, the National Players Challenge tournament would be held on my local courses and many of the top professional players would be in town to play. We felt this would be a great opportunity to meet the players and cover them for the website. It was that.

Will Schusterick showed up a few days early to practice for the tournament. During his practice round, Will threw a Blizzard Destroyer on hole 16. Hole 16 at my local course, Old Post Park is anschusterick_ace island green. Many of you have probably seen the hundreds of pictures I have posted of this hole over the years. Anyhow, Will used a forehand to throw this Blizzard Destroyer and absolutely blew up the chains for an Ace. He really did make it look easy. It was a great shot.

A few days later, I think it was the 1st or 2nd second round of the tournament, Will was lining up his shot on Hole 8 of the same course. You have heard of this hole if you read the “In The Mixed Bag” entry for the TL3. This hole is about 320 feet uphill with a low canopy and a narrow fairway. Will side-armed this hole as well and put it under the basket for a cash CTP. Hole 8 is birdied, but not often. At the time, I was a recreational player and thought a birdie would never happen for me. After the round I was able to interview Will and ask him about his round. Will was very cordial and professional and it was nice meeting him.

On the last day of a long tournament, Will was near the lead when he reached Hole 14 of Pleasant View Disc Golf Course. This course is also local to me. Hole 14 is a 520 foot monster with OB down the right side and brush lining the left side. It is a narrower fairway and a good drive is required for par. Will decided to go with a big hyzer to try and land in the center. Unfortunately he got it out over the water to the right too much and it landed OB. Playing out he was in the fairway shooting 3 and opted for another big hyzer out over the water for his approach to the green. Again, he found himself OB. He was able to sink a tricky put for the triple bogey which put him out of the finals. As frustrated as he was, he kept his cool and finished the round strong. It always makes me feel a bit better when I struggle for that par on Hole 14 now. I guess I have Will to thank for that.

That was one of my first experience with a touring pro and Will left a great impression for a newly throwing recreational player. Something I won’t forget. Every now and then walking down the fairway of 14, you will hear, “Did you know Will Schusterick took a 6 on this hole?!”

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