State of The Union

Well, not really the union I guess. State of the Average Disc Golf website. We want to keep our followers informed on the site and its happenings. So without further ado, lets get into it.

We’re Growing – This is awesome news. Every outlet we have, the website, and 3 social media accounts are all growing. We are thrilled that our reach is expanding, and more players are learning about the sport of disc golf. The disc golf season is coming to a close, but the site is off to a great start. Take a look at our  site traffic since launch.


Yes, we are only 4 months in (launch was June 30th)! Thanks to you guys, we have expanded nicely. We can’t imagine how things will be come next July! So, keep visiting the site and following on social media.

Offerings – We currently keep an updated blog (you’re reading it), an online store with a variety of plastic, all kinds of disc golf videos covering tournaments, products, skills and tips to improve your game, funny stuff and more. We also offer an online disc golf club directory that is also growing. It now covers 27 states and has 49 clubs listed. Many of you are subscribed to the AVG DG Newsletter. Almost 1000 of you! We would love to keep growing so join us by adding your club to the directory or subscribing to our newsletter!

Online Store – The online store is fairly new. We are stocking the store with discs won at tournaments, used discs, stuff given to us from vendors and so on. This makes it challenging to keep the inventory ripe with selection. We have considered selling discs at retail, but are uncomfortable trying to to do that, as there is so much online competition that is way ahead of us. We are currently working with a local “brick & mortar” retailer to see if something can be worked out.

AVG DG Items – We know, we throw these in your face a lot! Sorry for that. We need to push these items as these are the main sources of avg_fall_front_hoodieavg_fall_front_teerevenues for the site. You all should hopefully know by now about the AVG DG Supporters Pack and the recently announced AVG DG Fall Apparel. Every time a follower purchases one of these items, the site gets a tiny cut to go towards online expenses and so on. YOUR SUPPORT IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! Please help us fund the site by making a purchase or by sharing these items with your fellow players and friends.

The Future – We would like to see AVG DG continue to keep growing and promoting the sport as it has. We are looking for ways to fund the site (besides out of our own poor pockets) and begin looking into sponsoring tournaments and maybe players. We can’t do this without the continued support of our loyal and awesome followers. We would also like to add our own line of videos to the YouTube Channel. We have a few and some we will be added regularly, but a regular series would be nice. (Your ideas always help!) Also, we want to cover more local based disc golf news. The pro’s and big tournaments get a lot of coverage. Local updates would be nice to see as well. Any ideas on how to expand this would be nice!

Closing Thoughts – Thank you to all of you. Your support is awesome! We will continue to progress and increase the size of the site. Please help us by sharing your thoughts or comments or ideas. You can submit them at our Submissions Page! We appreciate your support!


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