Player’s Pack Entitlement – My Thoughts

While browsing my normal online disc golf destinations, I came across a few posts that caught my attention.

The first was a comment about an upcoming local tournament. The person who left the comment asked for information about the player’s pack, the payout, trophies, etc. He said since the tournament was a week away, he wanted to know this information so he could decide if was signing up or not.

The second was on the popular /discgolf feed on reddit. They asked if the player’s pack they received was adequate enough for the tournament entry fee they paid. While reading some of the comments, I saw one that mentioned “Player’s Pack Entitlement”. I got to thinking.

Is “Player’s Pack Entitlement” a real thing? A real issue? I think it is.

When I first started playing tournaments, I loved the idea of players pack. I got my money’s worth almost immediately and then would get payout if I played well enough to earn it. I signed up for every tournament I could. As a new, recreational division player, I saw that player’s pack as a way to add to my disc inventory and have a great time on the weekend. I needed more discs, I wanted more discs. I wanted all the disc golf swag I could get.

Flash forward 5 years and a move to the Advanced division. Now being a board member of my local club and helping to run tournaments and events, my views on player’s packs have changed.  Should players get something for signing up? Of course, but it doesn’t need to go above and beyond your entry fee.

I get it. Players pack draws more players. Some of the best player’s packs come in the biggest tournaments. GBO, Ledgestone, Bowling Green, etc. I see the appeal. I like to get the player’s packs. But that isn’t why I pay to play tournaments.

You’re paying for a chance to compete in a disc golf tournament. A chance to play against your friends and beat them. You’re paying for the opportunity to play in an event that is organized, structured, and supported by the local disc golf community. You’re payments go towards the gear, the player’s pack, payout, fees to use the park, course preparation, etc. You’re payments go toward supporting the local disc golf club, which in many cases, uses that money to help promote disc golf even more in your area.

I think these benefits far outweigh the player’s pack you receive. If you’re looking for instant gratification, you get that. If you’re looking for a deal on disc golf gear, shop online, buy your disc golf needs directly. Don’t expect a ‘hookup” at every tournament you enter.

So should you sign up for a tournament based solely on the player’s pack? I guess if you’re new to tournaments, that would be OK. But, if you truly want to compete, support local disc golf and “Grow The Sport” you should sign up for tournaments based on all the benefits you receive that don’t fit into a player’s pack baggie.

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