Paige Pierce Archive Interview – World’s Win Predicted?

Was just going through some of our archives and we came across this short but informational interview we did with Paige Pierce. Needless to say, she reached some of those goals.

Original Post – June 3rd, 2013

1. How do you feel about your season thus far?

I feel pretty good about my season so far. I know I have had a few instances where I should have/could have came out on top, but to only be half way through the season with an A-Tier a NT and a Major win, I feel great.

2. You and teammate Will Schusterick both won at The Memorial earlier this year. How did it feel to have two Prodigy team members pull out the win?

It felt great at the Memorial knowing we came out on top as a team.

3. What is the current status of your bag? Mixed, all Prodigy?

I have a full prodigy bag!

4. What disc are you putting with, and will it change to Prodigy if it is not already?

I putt with the 300 series PA4

5. What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

My expectations are very high for myself. I expect another major win and a rise in the rankings. I hope to be ranked #1 after worlds. I played my first pro worlds there and placed 5th. Now that I am more skilled and experienced on the circuit I feel very confident getting back to Lemon Lake.

6. What tournament are you most looking forward to this remaining season?

I’d have to say worlds is the tournament I’m looking forward to the most because after coming off the win in 2011 and getting injured in 2012 I am very anxious to get that chance at the title again.

7. What can we look forward to off the course from Paige Pierce?

What you can expect off the course is not a whole lot, I’m usually on the course 6 days a week. When I’m not I’m traveling or taking a rest day.


Of course Paige went on to win World’s in 2013, before finishing 2nd at this years event to Catrina Allen.

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