Ozone Discs Andro 1 PDGA Approved

Ozone Discs recently submitted their debut mold, a long midrange disc the Andro 1 for PDGA approval. They have recently received approval and will be immediately starting a production run.Here is what Ozone has to say about the first mold…

“The Andro 1 is Ozone Discs’ debut mold. It is the first disc to showcase a new and innovative patent pending disc technology. This technology incorporates fixed inserts with varying densities placed at strategic locations throughout the disc modifying spin rate and disc stability. These weighted inserts will alter the weight distribution of the disc which provides Ozone Discs the ability to hone in the perfect desired flight for the mold and offer an assortment of configurations of the same mold to the players. The Andro 1 was designed to be a stable longer mid-range disc with flight numbers of  6, 3.5, -1, 2, and is being offered in a durable premium plastic blend.”

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