Organizing your Disc Golf Bag

With so many options of disc golf bags on the market, many articles have been written covering them. We wanted to do something a little different. How do you organize your disc golf bag? We will cover the typical 3 and share with you our thoughts and how we do it.

by_colorBy Color

This is a popular way as people like to grab there discs based on what color it is. It also looks pretty sweet! If you know your discs by what color they are, then maybe this is the option for you. We don’t really see any added benefit to organizing by color, so we don’t do it personally.

By Type

This seems to be a more popular option. You have your drivers on one side, fairway drivers next, mid-ranges, then putters. This method will make it easier to find the type of disc you need depending on your next shot.


By Stability

Another common way to organize your bag is by stability. Your most stable discs on one end, all the way down to your least stable, or most under-stable discs on the other. This could result in mid ranges next to drivers, but if it is by stability, this wouldn’t matter. This allows for you to assess the stability needed for the shot, then the ability to reach into your bag and pull the disc in order.

How We Have Our Bag

Our bag is organized by Type and Stability. So we have all of our drivers together, in order of stability, then mid-ranges, then putters and so on. We like this setup the most. Use it regularly. We also are sure to clean our bag and reorganize it before every tournament.

So tell us in the comment section below, how do you organize your bag?

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