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I just want to chat about local courses. I live in Russellville, AR. I have the pleasure of playing two of the nicer courses in the state of Arkansas. In my opinion, the nicest. I know that everyone likes to think their home course is the best, and I can see how you would want to support your local area. Now that I have played several courses in Arkansas and outside of Arkansas, I must say that Russellville’s courses are the premiere courses in our State. Bias is not involved, they are really just that nice.

The first point I want to make about our courses, is the shot selection. Each course has fair variety of shots that you will have to play, and will challenge you. You will, at any given point, need to play a sidearm, a backhand, a thumber, or a tomahawk.

The second point is just how nicely they are kept. Old Post during the summer will get its share of longer grass, but for the most part, each course is manicured nicely and pretty well trash free. I credit this to our club, and specifically Mark Lykins.

Lastly, I want to mention each courses scenic beauty. Old Post has a variety of cliffs, views of the river, and more. At the right times you can catch fox, deer, and other wildlife perusing around. Out at Pleasantview Disc Golf Course, it is not uncommon to see an eagle or hawk flying around, along with frogs on huge lily pads during the right season.

I don’t want to take anything away from the other courses in the state, but they just are not up to snuff. When you factor in shot selection, cleanliness, and scenic beauty, Russellville is where it’s at. If you have yet to play these two course, schedule a time and date and come out and experience some of the nicest courses in Arkansas. I welcome your comments about your local course, and if you have played in Russellville, your thoughts on Old Post and Pleasantview Disc Golf Courses.

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