My Disc Golf Goals for 2016 – Answered

Average Disc Golf reached out to the best players in the world with one simple question. What are your disc golf goals for the 2016 season? How did your favorite player reply? Not all of them have answered yet, but as they do we will continue to post them here.

Valarie Jenkins – “My goals for 2016 are to play with confidence and focus like I used to. I hope to be a strong force in the women’s division again this year and hopefully get a few more big wins on my resume.

Chris Eads – “Well I want to get my rating up to 1010+ and then I’m mostly gonna be playing B tiers this year so I won 6 of those last year so I would like to match that at least. And then hopefully play world’s and qualify for USDGC either at SNPC or GBO or Worlds.

Will Schusterick – “To be the hardest working disc golfer on and off the course.

Paige Pierce – “Get my rating back up to 975+, win worlds, BSF, USWDGC, and maple hill, and to go to the desert and attempt to break the distance record!

Simon Lizotte – “Throw a new distance world record. Beat McBeth at 3 events. Finish top 10 in every event.

Nate Doss“My goal for any disc golf season is to become a stronger and more mentally tough player. The saying goes that most sports are 90% mental and 10% physical. I truly believe that if I can become, mentally more prepared for each and every throw that results will come. I look forward to the 2016 disc golf season and all the challenges that await.”

Ricky Wysocki – “My goals are simple as well and they are to get stronger and healthier in the offseason in order to come out firing at my first event in 2016 in order to set the pace and get my confidence up for the rest of the season!

Paul McBeth – “To be a more complete player, play more aggressive and take advantage of my off season work program.

Sarah Hokom – “1.Discipline my mental game for consistent & positive thoughts. 2. Increase accuracy and confidence in backhand. 3. Increase distance and decrease loft of push putt. 4. Increased confidence and accuracy of spin putts.

Paul Ulibarri – “I have a few small goals that I won’t go into detail about, but they all lead into me Winning a Major.

Jeremy Koling – “That’s a great question because setting goals is one of the most important things I do during the off season. Right now my goal is to get fit for the upcoming season and remain disciplined throughout the season in terms of diet and how I treat my body. I am confident that this will lead to and promote more consistent play throughout each event. I have never taken care of my body the way an upper echelon athlete should. I believe that has been the cause of some of my poor finishes in the past. Physical exhaustion leads to mental exhaustion and I think we all know where mental exhaustion leads…



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