Let it Fly

We just wanted to share what Marcus Moore shared with us on our Facebook timeline. Thank you Marcus!

This is my Lil disc golfer…. he is amazing… I’ve had him on the course throwing a marker from the stroller at 8 months old… he is my life… disc golf is his favorite thing to do… he absolutely amazes me. He is 6 years old now and is always making 3s and it is crazy… he missed a 2 out of the deep brush the other day from about 60 ft. It chained out… his first 3 was when he was 4 years old… we love ur site guys keep it up… we love watching the videos together… keep it up guys… and all fellow disc golfers always be kind to the youth of this sport… when a kid is speaking to u don’t treat him like he isn’t there… especially if he can throw it further than u… they are the future of our sport…. thank u all and remember….. Let It Fly…..


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