Latitude 64 Compass Review

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We finally got our hands on the Ricky Wysocki signature Latitude 64 Compass. An “overstable” mid-range. This disc in the Opto Plastic felt fantastic! Latitude plastic is so premium so we knew the disc would be ultra nice looking.


The Compass had a narrow rim and the disc was fairly shallow. Some of the characteristics we like in a disc. The grip felt natural in our average size hands. Overall the disc was easy to grip and felt as a quality mid-range should.


Our first throw was in a fairly calm setting and the disc went absolutely dead straight. When we looked at the stamp and saw overstable we assumed we would get some nice fade. Not to be, this disc went straight and finished very straight. We also threw the compass into a slight headwind and it held up surprisingly well. After seeing how straight it flew the first few times we threw it, we were certain it would flip in a headwind. It turned for about 50 feet but did eventually come back. When used for a big anhyzer, the disc held the line very nice and finished smoothly. Overall the disc felt very nice in our hands and flew exactly as the flight numbers suggested.


This disc sort of reminds us of a Buzzz or maybe a Buzzz SS. It is definitely going to be a beginner friendly disc, and with the skill and approval of Ricky Wysocki, a disc that players of all skill levels will be able to use.

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