Innova G-Star Colossus Review

14 | 5 | -2 | 3

The Innova G-Star Colossus was just recently released at the Innova Factory Store and for the Bowling Green Championships. We got our hands on one and took it out to the course. Boasting a Speed rating of 14, we had high expectations for this disc. The weight we received was 168 grams, so it is a bit on the lighter side. Here is how it performed after several drives off the tee.

Grip – Of course the G-Star plastic has great grip. We noticed this particular disc had a lot of flex in it. It could be the lighter weight, it could be the run of plastic. Either way, it had that great grip and a nice amount flex to the plastic. It felt like a crusher right when you held it. The rim width was very close to a Boss, Innova’s 13 speed driver.

Flight – As soon as we released this disc, we knew we would like it. In a slight tailwind the disc turned a bit and then faded back slowly for a 365 foot drive on the first throw. The (-2) on the Turn rating seems pretty accurate. This disc is lighter and G-Star plastic, in our opinion always seems a bit more flippy. We are anxious to throw a Star and Champion version of this to see how differently it might fly. As this disc beats in, look for opportunities to throw nice Hyzer Flip drives with it.

Overall Thoughts – This disc is going to be a monster. It should be very popular at first, especially with that “14 Speed” attraction. Those players who like a Boss but sometimes feel it’s a bit stable, this disc will fill that void. A Champion version is high on our list so we can keep it in the bag and see how it wears over time.

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