In The Mixed Bag – Soft Magnet

If you are a bit new to the sport, we thought these blogs would give  you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

Our next discussion covers one of our putters. The Pro D Soft Magnet by Discraft

Now, when we first started playing disc golf, we carried a Soft Magnet. That was our first putter. A Soft Magnet has been in our bag since day 1. We don’t use it that often, but on shots that require a nice anhyzer line, or a putt that we need to throw firm and around an obstacle, we grab this magnet. Certainly, the Magnet doesn’t carry the fan fare of some of the other putters on the market, but it is still a quality disc that has its uses. It seems the more beat in this disc gets, the more I like it. The Magnet is the 3rd different type of putter we carry, from a 3rd different manufacturer. You can truly say, our putter game is a Mixed Bag.

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