In The Mixed Bag – S-Line P2

If you are a bit new to the sport, we thought these blogs would give  you non biased information on many different discs from different manufacturers.

This entry we are discussing the Discmania S-Line P2.

The P2 is a Paul McBeth signature disc. We had to try it. Unlike most Paul McBeth stamped discs, we didn’t care for this one as much as the other. It is still a good disc, but we need a bit more time with it. It is obviously a beautiful disc, and the S-Line or Star Plastic is very grippy and flexible. The stamp was equally as awesome. Here is what we didn’t like.

The rim or flshing on the disc, the part that sits in the crease of your fingers, it feels too thin. Almost flimsy in our hands. When discs are new, this area is sharp and this disc was no exception, but as it wore in that area just seems to be too sharp or too pointed. What it really caused was a lack of confidence in the grip of the disc. When you’re lining up an approach, you want to be sure your confident when the disc comes out your hand.

It also seemed to be a bit more under-stable than we expected. Maybe when you think of Paul McBeth, you think of stability, but this one was difficult to get down.

In all, the P2 was a great disc and we will throw it here and there to see if it grows on us more over time, but for now. It will sit in the back of the Grip Bag…

Want to try out the S-Line P2? Get one here.


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