Get Your Payout Would Ya?!

Running a disc golf tournament and playing in a disc golf tournament are both exhausting. The Average Disc Golf player will play many one day, 2 round tournaments throughout the year. 36 holes of competitive disc golf takes a toll. So does running a one day, two round tournament. Tournament Directors start long before the event preparing and planning a tournament.

Months ahead TD’s and others seek out sponsorship for the events, plan out and order plastic, organize the layout of the course, create flyers, setup online registration, attend other events and promote it, and so on. The list is almost endless of stuff to handle before, during and after an event. One of the biggest headaches, in my opinion is planning and then running the process that is “The Payout”. What a hassle it can really be.

Payout of plastic to amateur divisions is tricky in many ways. Did I order enough to cover payout? How is the payout split to divisions or flights? The most painful decision; what order do I let players in? It’s easy to say, if you’re first in your division, you’re first in payout. That seems fair right? Well it is until that player with the most payout of anybody comes in and grabs the whole stack of Champion Colossus cause he knows they’re selling like hot cakes online. What about that recreational division player with $28 in payout? Are they always destined for the left over Aviars and DX Rocs? Should they have a chance at the primo plastic? I think so.

I also want to mention the speed and efficiency of payout. It is a slow process. Disc golfers love to handle every disc, check the weight, feel it in they’re hands. But do you have to do it for all 15-20 discs you’re getting? At the most recent tournament I ran, we had molds alphabetized by name and then sorted from heaviest to lightest in weight. It helped, a little. But is there a way to get players in and out of payout any quicker?

So how can this be handled better in the future? Hold back some of the molds for later players going through payout? Limit the number of the same mold that can be grabbed? Change up the order? In your experience what is the best way to handle payout and keep the whining down while being as fair as possible?

Comment below, cause I truly want to know.

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