Gateway Slayer and Samurai Review

Gateway hooked us up with some plastic this week. If you follow us, you are fully aware. I grabbed the Samurai and the Slayer for tonight’s round. I threw both of them side arm and back hand. The samurai seemed a bit more stable than the slayer. I was able to get the same distance on each throw, but they bot had their own flight patterns. I am not sure either of them would make my bag, which is good for you! We will add them to our new Gateway Giveaway!


The Samurai According to Gateway

 The Samurai is a really fast long range driver that is easy to control. Its sleek low profile and slight dome will produce extremely long flights; while its bead on the wing adds to the control needed when thrown very hard. This disc has just the right stability to be very useful for both new players and pros. The Samurai can be a good headwind disc for those with 300 distance and a long turnover driver or for those with more power.

The Slayer According to Gateway

The new Gateway Slayer has the stability of a long range driver, which is the ability to flip up a little but enough resistance to turn to not flip too much, then a long glide pattern with lots of penetration and a predictable slow fade at the end.

Both discs are nice and worthy of someones bag, just not mine. If you want a chance to win them, be sure to sign up for the AVG DG Newsletter and you will be entered to win!

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