Gateway (S) Karma Review

Speed- 7 | Glide- 8 | Turn- 1 | Fade- 2

Yesterday we grabbed thKarmae Gateway Karma in the S Line plastic, or “Sure Grip” out of our stash and decided to throw it around. We used it multiple times in different situations and we were surprisingly impressed. We are not saying we expected poor results, we just enjoyed it so much, we may put it in the bag!

It has great grip, and it flew very straight when thrown with some snap. It always finished with a slight fade.

On one hole we were faced with an uphill shot that would need to be annhyzered around a tree. We threw the Karma on a great line and it flexed out and finished nicely.

On hole 16 of the round we had a 320 foot drive straight at the pin over water, the Karma held a beautiful line and was 2 foot short of an ace.

All in all it was nice disc. Comparable to a Pro D Buzzz. We worry about stability. This plastic will beat in and cause this disc to get flippy pretty quick.



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