First Tee Jitters – How to Deal

Do you get jitters at tournaments when you know it is almost go time? Even experienced players face this problem sometimes. New players, more so. Here are a few things you can do to help calm down and start your tournament off right!

  • Chew Gum – Chewing gum helps relax the jaw, and helps you take so much focus of being nervous, throwing your first shot, etc.
  • Show Up Early – Showing up early allows you time to warm up thoroughly, make some putts, stretch, throw some drives and get a sense of being prepared before you tee off.
  • Think Positive – When I am warming up, especially while putting. I like to have a mantra of sorts running through my mind while I practice putt. Recently, I used “Follow Through & Putt with Confidence”. It lead to a first hole birdie. That first birdie allowed me to start off confident and have a great round.
  • Stay Positive – Not every shot or putt is going to go as well as you hope. If you grip lock, or front end a putt, stay confident. Remember, every player is struggling at some point and there is plenty of time to gain back strokes. How often do you feel your round was terrible, but find out at the end, it wasn’t as bad as you thought. The first hole isn’t the deciding hole.
  • Focus On Your Game – Before your tee off, talking with other players is OK. If you have jitters or nervousness, focus on your warm up, and your thoughts. After your rounds starts and you are comfortable, you can always pick up on that casual conversation.

These are a few things you can do to try and alleviate first round jitters. We hope they help! If so, share them using the options below! If you have a tip we would love to hear about it in the comments box below!



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