Distance or Control… Both?

When we first picked up the sport of disc golf around August of 2011, our main concern was learning to throw the discs further. For many players, this is the first goal. Can we throw it 300, 400, or 500 feet, and how soon can we get there?

For us, we wanted distance and more distance. As our game developed, we kept the idea that a driver was needed to hit 300+ foot holes. You need a driver to reach anything over 300 feet. While in some cases this is true, many times it is not. We picked up on it about 1.5 years ago, and we thought we would share our experience with the transition we faced.

Our game had developed to solid Intermediate skill, and we had won a few tournaments. Still, we felt the need to crush driver on a 320 foot hole. Again, some players will need to use a driver. This is our personal experience. Our game really changed for the better when we started working on our mid range and putter game. Developing our ability to use a mid range and reach our 275-325 foot holes, we were able to control the flight better, and control the landing of the disc better. It took a bit of practice, and many disc thrown incorrectly, but as our confidence grew, our consistency improved and our scores lowered. The same idea can be applied for putters. Using putters on 250 foot holes allowed us to control the disc better and throw straighter lines that don’t skip way off course. Now that we have moved into the Advanced division, we find that many times, we use a mid range off the tee as often as a driver. On shorter holes, we are trusting our putter to reach baskets and set us up for birdies. The tranisiton took some time, but it has improved our game quite a bit.

Have you faced this situation or are you still of the mindset that a driver is needed to reach holes you can probably get with a mid range? Share your comments below.

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