Discmania S-Line DDX Review

12 | 6 | -1 | 2

The DDX is the latest distance driver from Discmania. I got my hands on a couple of S-Line models. I gave one to a buddy who is an advanced player with a strong arm and I kept one. After several rounds, here are my thoughts on this awesome disc.

It’s a bomber. Period. For both he and I (he has the stronger arm) the DDX is a great distance driver. The DDX fits in my bag right between the Innova Tern and the Innova Destroyer. Let’s look at the numbers.

Disc Speed Glide Turn Fade
Discmania S-Line DDX 12 6 -1 2
Innova Champion Tern 12 6 -2 2
Innova Star Destroyer 12 5 -1 3

As you can see the flight numbers are very similar. The DDX flies true to its flight numbers. As a big fan of the Tern, I knew the DDX would be a must try disc. The Tern, for me, is great when it is brand new, but as it beats in I have to use more and more hyzer to keep control of it. With the DDX, I expect I will get a more reliable flight as it beats in. Out of the box it is like a nicely seasoned Destroyer. The grip is solid. The rim width is about the same as the Tern, which I love. I can get a solid grasp on it and the S-Line plastic is grippy and reliable. The profile of the DDX closely resembles that of a Tern. It’s literally a Tern, just a bit more stable. The DDX is better in a head wind as well. Although as the disc seasons it may become a bit less dependable. On the flip side, as the disc seasons, it will absolutely bomb in a tail wind. I’m excited about this disc and can see it being a staple in bag and there is a great chance it will replace my trusted Terns.

Want a Discmania S-Line DDX? Buy yours here. 

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