Discmania G-Line FD2 Review

Stable. The FD2 in G-Line Plastic is certainly that. Most players know by now that the G-Line plastic is very grippy and flexes nicely. The disc we had weighed in at 168 grams, and for some players, that is simply too light. Every player has a preference on disc weight. This is what we had, so this is what we threw.

The numbers on this disc are 7 | 4 | 0 | 2

Speed – When we threw this disc it certainly zipped down the fairway in a hurry, but it entered into its glide stage and immediately started to hook. You can get this disc to go straight, but it won’t go straight for long unless you have a big arm.

Glide – It glides for about a 4. Not too long. Again, it will stay straight for just a bit, but you can be rest assured this disc was going to hyzer out pretty quickly.

Turn – Turn is 0, and that is accurate. With the turn being 0, it really makes this disc seem to be more stable than it might be, and we can see this disc breaking in and holding that straight line for longer and longer.

Fade – Fade is 2 and because of the zero turn, this disc is stable.

The G-Line plastic in our experience breaks in fairly quick. It could be that we hit more trees, or we throw it more often, but it breaks in quick for us and sometimes it just gets too flippy. The FD2 seems like it could be the disc to break this trend. With the stability it showed, even at 168 grams, this disc could break into a reliable work horse fairway driver.

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