Discmania C-Line PDX Review

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We recently received the new Discmania C-Line PDX. Immediately out of the box we knew we were going to love this disc. Not only did it feature a great looking Disc Golf World Tour Stamp, it felt excellent in our hand. The rim on this 11 speed driver feels very similar to a Tern. If you’re as a big of a fan of the Tern as we are, you will want to try this disc. The C-Line plastic appeared a bit more “premium”. It could be that beautiful “Jolly Launcher” plastic we all love. Here is how the disc performed over 3 rounds of use.

Grip – The grip on this was excellent. For those with average size hands, the rim as mentioned before, fits nicely. Very similar to a Tern on the width of the rim and the feel in your hand. The C-Line plastic was great. It had that beautiful glossy look and grippy feel, so there wasn’t any type of slippage when throwing the disc, even after drying it off with a towel.

Flight – We first used the PDX on holes about 300-350 feet. Being over-stable this disc held a beautiful hyzer line and skipped nicely when contacting the ground. It has less glide than the Tern, but enough to get you the distance you will want on most holes. It really feels like a faster Thunderbird with less glide. Again, we are huge fans of the Thunderbird. Having less glide, we purposely threw this on a bit of an anhyzer to get some more disyance and see how stable it really was. It held the anhyzer for about 125 feet and the quickly came back hyzer. It should be a trust worthy over stable disc.

Overall Thoughts – Lately Discmania has been putting out some quality molds. This one is no exception. I can see why the Disc Golf World Tour has its name on this mold. This disc will end up in many players hands, and surely, in their bags as well. The PDX will be a go to disc for our bag going forward.



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