Disc Golf Game for IOS – Reviewed

Recently released for IOS (iPhones, iPod, iPads) is “Disc Golf Game” by Jani Honkakoski. I have been playing it (or trying to) for about 3 weeks. Here are my thoughts on the self proclaimed “Most realistic disc golf game ever.”

First I want to mention the graphics. They are great. The game looks very visually appealing. The player looks good, and all the discs in the disc inventory look very nice. The courses look good. Overall the graphics on the game are pretty nice.

Some issues I have pertaining to the graphics in a slight way is the shot layout. When looking at your shot, it is hard on some of the holes to determine what is OB, the depth of the trees and other obstacles. Although the game looks good visually some of the functionality is lacking. This can be improved upon in future updates.

Controlling your shots and specifically putting is somewhat difficult. To throw you aim, swipe down and the rapidly swipe up to throw. Depending on the angle you swipe forward, your disc can be put on a hyzer or anhyzer line. Alternatively, you can change modes to allow you to pre-set the angle your disc will release. This is helpful, but does remove some of the skill needed to throw the correct shot.  The flight of the discs looks really good. If your throw is executed correctly, the shot is shaped very smoothly.
Putting is another issue. To putt is the same idea in a less forceful way. Putting is very inconsistent and when putting or approaching, depth of field becomes very hard to decipher. This makes throwing or putting accurately very difficult. In future updates, this should be the priority for upgrading, changing or correcting.

The courses are nice. You even get a 9 hole run at “The Beast” in Nokia, Finland. The default courses are well designed and challenging. The disc selection is somewhat limited, but I am hopeful that it will continue to grow in future updates. Currently you can choose discs from Innova, Discmania, Prodiscus, Westside Discs, Latitude 64, Prodigy Disc and Discraft.

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