Disc Golf Drive Clinic with Jay “Yeti” Reading

You never know when lightning will strike… but it’s sure lucky to have a camera rolling.

While filling in for a no-show Pro with an impromptu driving clinic, Jay “Yeti” Reading and Disc Nation’s Zach J. laid out some of the most amazing form demonstrations we’ve ever seen.

Yeti was a college football player and has that rare understanding of athletic biometrics. As he talks through the anatomy of efficient driving form, Zach J. demonstrates the motions and positions.

You’ve seen a guy talk about how he throws. You’ve seen a guy do his throw slow. You’ve never seen one guy do everything right while another guy points out exactly what’s happening with the joints, muscles, and forces at work.

From golden nuggets of wisdom about reach-backs to pointers on heel pivot, this video is jam-packed with tips and free-form revelations that WILL help you throw farther with less effort. Watch it a few times. It might just blow your mind.

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